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Historic Baytown’s Art, Culture, and Entertainment Council, Inc. was formed as a 501c3 non-profit organization in 2017 with the determination to help revive the Downtown Arts District. We know our name is a mouthful so you may often hear us referred to as the ACE District which is our DBA.


Since its inception, we have built up a calendar of events with various themes, cultures, and entertainment. Our biggest event, Christmas on Texas Avenue has grown tremendously over the years and was voted as the Baytown Sun’s people’s choice for the best festival in Baytown for 2021. Although we took over the helm of this popular community event in 2017, it has been a Baytown staple since 1997. After all these years, it is still going strong.

We focus on art in area and have donated some pieces around downtown. Our first addition was two colorful bike racks. In addition, we have worked with the Neighborhood Empowerment Grant and the City of Baytown to get a mural painted and a standing directory placed. Collaborating with the City of Baytown has been instrumental in bringing some of our endeavors to fruition.

Our most recent project is the Sculpture Trail which boasts beautiful figurative and abstract sculptures around the Town Square in the Downtown Arts District. This international juried free art exhibit is a gem! These Sculptures have been produced with great detail by skilled artists. The yearlong exhibit brings fabulous art to Baytown, and every April, there will be a new set of art installed for the community to enjoy. You can see more information about this on our Sculpture Trail page.


For the area to blossom, we believe that it is necessary to attract new businesses. Our goal is to help make new owners aware of the programs that are available to help them succeed. Our membership meetings provide information about plans and current activity in the ACE District.


Thank you for checking us out. If you want to join us and become part of the movement, please contact us. Our organization is funded by sponsorships, donations, and grants. We would love to have you as a member, volunteer, sponsor, donor, or contributor to our mission in any way!

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Our Board


President - Yvonne S Thomas, DMD

Treasurer - Michelle Jiron

Secretary - Karen Knight

Event Coordinator - Shana Joseph

Are you looking for new and exciting opportunities? Let's connect!!

123 W. Defee Suite #8 

Baytown, Texas 77520

(281) 810-2990

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